Ingrown Toenails
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For interest free credit with ZIP please call us on 0207 531 6600

What is Ingrown Toenail?

An ingrown toenail is when the toenail grows into the corner or side of the toe into the soft skin.

How common is it?

Ingrown toenails are very common.

Does it affect males and females?

They can occur in both men and women.

How is it tested for?

Ingrown toenails can be easily diagnosed by examining the skin along the edge of the nail.

They can cause pain, swelling, redness and if not cared for it is possible to develop an infection. In severe cases it can be extremely difficult to walk and wear proper footwear. This can mean having to take days off work.

Ingrown toenails tend to occur frequently in people over the age of 21. Many people will experience an ingrown toenail at some point in their lives. Poor nail care and tight fitting footwear can also contribute to this problem.

Yes, ingrown toenails can be treated fairly easily.

Taking paracetamol or ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling or using a numbing cream or spray is useful. If there is an infection, antibiotics may be necessary. Soaking the foot in warm water several times a day can also help the healing process. Ultimately definitive treatment involves removing the parts of the nail embedded in the skin at the edges of the nail bed. 

At Rejuvence Medical we are able to offer our patients a Zadek’s procedure. This is a minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic that removes the ingrown portion of the toenail and also prevents it from recurring again. 

The procedure is performed in two stages. Initially a local anaesthetic ring block is performed. This involves injecting local anaesthetic solution, normally lidocaine, into and around the digital nerves that supply sensation to the toe. Once effective it will make the entire toe including the nail numb. 

Following this the toenail is trimmed from both sides and narrowed. The skin edges are lifted slightly and the ingrown portions are completely removed. At the same time the incisions for the toenail are taken further back to include the germinal matrix which lies under the skin at the base of the nail. The germinal matrix contains cells that are responsible for nail growth. By removing the portions of the germinal matrix that are immediately adjacent to the ingrown portions of the toenail, these abnormally growing parts of the toenail are unlikely to come back. If successfully a Zadek’s procedure ultimately cures this problem.

Mr Irfan Halim

All minor surgery services at Rejuvence Medical are provided by Mr. Irfan Halim. Mr Halim is a Consultant General Surgeon. He has a specialist interest in gastrointestinal and laparoscopic surgery as well as endoscopy.

Qualified from Guy’s and St.Thomas’ Medical School with Distinction, Mr Halim subsequently trained in General Surgery sub specialising in Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery. He is blessed with fantastic surgical skills and always strives for the best possible outcomes. Mr Halim provides a bespoke treatment package for all his patients.

Mr Halim is extremely well sought after, practising at several highly prestigious private establishments including BMI The London Independent Hospital, The Blackheath Hospital, BMI Hendon Hospitals as well as Highgate Hospital. He performs a large number of cases, seeing 300 new patients a month and performs on average more than 1200 procedures per year. His outcomes are excellent and regularly audits his work. Friends and family as well as colleagues always favour Mr Halim over others. We are so pleased to have him as part of the team at Rejuvence Medical. You really could not be in better hands.

Ingrown toenail treatment at Rejuvence Medical

An overworked NHS GP is unable to provide any care and assistance for an ingrown toenail. A Zadek’s procedure is no longer available on the NHS. Where there are still Minor Surgical Procedure Lists running the waiting lists are huge and you could be waiting for months for your treatment. This can be especially difficult if pain is persistent, infections recurrent and your work and mobility is being severely hampered. At Rejuvence Medical we can perform the Zadek’s procedure for you as a same day service. If you are suffering give us a call for more information.


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