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At Rejuvence Medical we offer a comprehensive, efficient and professional medical ultrasound scanning service. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Unlike many other Ultrasound Clinics our ultrasound scanning service is led by Dr Ali Zaman – Consultant Radiologist. All scans are performed and/or reviewed by Dr Zaman ensuring the best patient care possible. We can also arrange for you to take away a copy of your ultrasound scan. In addition we are connected to NHS digital and are able to send copies of your scan, with your permission of course, directly to your NHS GP or hospital consultant.


Dr Ali Zaman

Dr Ali Zaman graduated from Barts and The London Medical School in 2009. He has also obtained a Masters degree in Pharmacology. After completing his training in General Medicine and Surgery, he pursued specialty training in Radiology joining the East of England training scheme. He completed rotations in Norwich, Cambridge and various other East of England Hospitals obtaining his Fellowship in Radiology (FRCR).  Dr Ali then pursued further training in Interventional Radiology obtaining the prestigious European Board of Interventional Radiology Fellowship and trained as a fellow in Interventional Radiology at the Royal London Hospital. 

Dr Zaman is currently a Consultant Interventional Radiologist at Mid and South Essex University Hospitals, where he has been in his post since 2017. His specialty interests include performing a wide range of minimally invasive interventional procedures with the aid of medical imaging. He is an expert in ultrasound and ultrasound guided interventions, having performed thousands of such tests and procedures. Dr Zaman is also a keen educator. He is head of training for Interventional Radiology within the Essex region and a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University.

We are overwhelmed to have Dr Zaman as a member of our team at Rejuvence Medical.


An abdominal ultrasound is performed to see organs and blood vessels inside the abdomen. Depending on the type of abdominal ultrasound performed, certain organs and specific conditions can be investigated.

Upper Abdomen
Lower Abdomen (Male)
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
Gynaecological – FEMALE Ultrasound

An ultrasound scan of the lower abdomen in females helps to see the uterus and ovaries. This can be very helpful in the evaluation of lower abdominal pain in women. Although all of our pelvic scans are performed by Dr Ali Zaman, a female chaperone is always present in the room.


A musculoskeletal ultrasound can help to diagnose a large number of muscle, tendon and joint injuries. Following identification of certain injuries we are also able to offer ultrasound guided steroid, hyaluronic acid and even Magellan Plasma Therapy injections for pain relief and repair of injuries. At Rejuvence, using cutting edge fat harvesting techniques we are also able to offer rejuvenating nano fat injections.

Wrist & Hand
Hip & Thigh
Ankle & Foot

At Rejuvence Medical we offer ultrasound guided steroid injections for chronic joint pains and tendinitis as well as bursitis. Steroid injections are very effective at providing mid to long term pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects for chronic conditions affecting a variety of joints including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle. We also offer Hyaluronic Acid injections for osteo-arthritis as well as cutting edge Magellan Plasma Therapy and Nanofat rejuvenating treatments for slow healing muscular injuries and tendinopathies.


A deep vein thrombosis scan is performed to search for evidence of a clot in the veins of the legs and thighs.


At Rejuvence Medical we are able to offer expecting couples a reassuring pregnancy scan at different stages of their pregnancy.

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