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For interest free credit with ZIP please call us on 0207 531 6600

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For interest free credit with ZIP please call us on 0207 531 6600

At Rejuvence Medical we have a team of doctors with years of experience working in the NHS. We understand how hard it can be to get an appointment with your GP at a time that suits you. At Rejuvence Medical we can provide urgent, affordable consultations with an experienced NHS doctor,  at your convenience.


Why choose a Private GP service?

For years the NHS has been a British Institution providing first class health care free at the point of delivery. However, resources are now becoming over stretched and staff are overworked. Booking an appointment to see your GP, for many, has become extremely difficult. 

Appointments at your NHS practice are often few and far between. Booking a consultation usually means struggling to get through on phone lines and awkward appointment times that don’t fit in with work. If it’s an emergency you will often be turned away and advised to call 111 or attend an Urgent Care Centre. This usually means long waiting times and at the end of it all, a rushed 5-10 minute consultation.

At Rejuvence Medical we aim to provide:

  • An affordable alternative to your NHS GP
  • Flexible same-day appointment times that work around you
  • Senior doctors with years of experience
  • 20 minute appointment slots 
  • Video Consultations
  • Followed by FACE2FACE Consultations 
  • Access to a wide array of diagnostic and specialist services

Why choose Rejuvence Medical?

The current pandemic situation has permanently changed the way we all see the world. For doctors it has had a tremendous impact and for many in primary care it has meant a complete change to the patient doctor interaction. Currently NHS GP’s are offering Video Consultations as the first port of call for patients. In some practices no FACE2FACE consults are being offered at all and only Video Consults are taking place. The government have recognised that this likely means many patients suffering with conditions other than Covid-19 will be suffering. 

At Rejuvence Medical we offer a personalised, empathetic and engaging private medical service that provides a reassuring patient experience. All booked appointments are initially conducted as Virtual GP Video Calls. After a 15 minute online consultation, our doctors will decide on whether you need to attend clinic to complete any necessary investigations (such as blood tests or an ultrasound scan) and/or treatment. If there is a need we will book the first available appointment slot for you on the same day and see you in clinic. This will, however, require a quick Covid-19 screen upon your arrival. 

Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Rejuvence Medical is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This means we provide medical advice and services in keeping with the high standards expected of a health care establishment in the UK. We ensure patient safety, confidentiality and above all your well being is paramount. 

We are a real alternative to your NHS GP and Urgent Treatment Centre especially if you find yourself struggling to get an appointment, dread waiting for hours to see a doctor in A&E or frustrated over urgent scans and tests.

What happens when you book a gp appointment?

When you book a GP appointment at Rejuvence Medical you will receive the following:

When you have booked an appointment with us you will initially receive a Triage Video Call from our Virtual GP. If you require any of our FACE2FACE services you will be given the next available time slot (normally same day) to attend clinic. On arrival, should it be necessary, a Covid-19 screen will be carried out. Following this you will see one of our doctors in clinic.


Second Opinion

Many patients can find it difficult to communicate with their GP and specialist team. Often this means they find it difficult to understand why a specific course of treatment has been recommended and why certain referrals and investigations have been requested, or indeed not been requested. At Rejuvence Medical we can help you to understand the course of action your NHS clinical team have taken and also provide a second opinion with regards to your health needs. If we recommend an alternative course of action to address your health needs we can arrange this for you through the private sector or indeed write a referral letter for you back to your NHS GP.

Our Philosophy

At Rejuvence Medical we offer an affordable private health care alternative to your NHS GP. We combine a patient centred approach with convenience and discretion. We value our patients and always aim to establish long term relationships. We are always at hand to help you with all your health care needs and strive to provide a first class medical service that goes above and beyond.


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